Junior Kumbhakarna

Junior Kumbhakarna won the RivoKids Parents and Kids Choice Award 2014 for the best book by an Indian author for ages 0-5 years.

Parents and Kids Choice Award
Parents and Kids Choice Award
Rivo Awards Shortlist
Rivo Awards Shortlist







The book was launched to a full house in Bangalore, and received a warm welcome in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Coimbatore.

It has been translated to eight Indian languages – Kutti Kumbhakarnan in Tamil, Chhota Kumbhakarn in Hindi and Marathi, Chotto Kumbhokorno in Bengali, Nano Kumbhakarna in Gujarati, Chinni Kumbhakarna in Telugu, Junior Kumbhakarna in Kannada and Kochu Kumbhakarnan  in Malayalam.

Junior Kumbhakarna in Tibet
Reaching readers in Tibet

Polka Cafe lists Junior Kumbhakarna as one of 15+ Books by Indian Authors all kids must pick up: “These Indian books strike a chord with every kid, and are a must read!”

Junior Kumbhakarna has been received with a great deal of enthusiasm from children, appreciation from parents and reviewers.

“A mythological tale beautifully adapted onto what is an everyday saga in most homes with kids! A great book to reflect on and have a hearty laugh over our daily morning mania!”– One Story A Day

The book captures “the impact of stories on a child’s dream and the power of a dream in a child’s everyday life” – Bubble Ink

“Junior Kumbhakarna is amusing kids all over India.  The vivid illustrations laced with humor beautifully complement the story in this book.” – Saffron Tree

“A hilarious book, highly recommended for children 2 years plus. We just couldn’t stop giggling! What we loved about the book:

1. The simple words and the lovely storyline make the book a delightful read.

2. The illustrations are fabulous.
3. A retelling of an episode from the Ramayana that is wildly funny.
4. The ending. We loved it. 
– Indian Moms Connect
Junior Kumbhakarna Cover.pmd
Available at bookstores and e-stores in India. To order in the US or Canada, contact TulikaBooksUSA. For shipping elsewhere, please write to Tulika Books.

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