Bookasura#2: Koobandhee


Featured in the Best Books of 2016 lists by BAM! Books, Polka Cafe and Indian Moms Connect

Praise for Koobandhee:

“Expect monster-size fun”   – BAM! Books

“Check out the second story in the Book-Asuras series”    – The Hindu

“Like the first book in the series, Venkatesh’s rib-tickling sequel celebrates reading and its power to elevate our imagination. A headless, one-eyed female monster in blue, with a malfunctioning digestive system and a disdain for shaved legs is indeed a delightful creation. As always, Priya Kuriyan does a fine job of bringing the characters to life with her simple, but enormously engaging, pencil sketches. Just the book you would want to thrust into your child’s hand when he reaches out for the TV remote the next time!”   – The Indian Express

“Six months after Bala conquered the book-eating monster, Bookasura, using the superpower of his imagination, the boy is all set to go on another thrilling adventure. Yes, author Arundhati Venkatesh is back, but this time there are more challenges for Bala to face. With simple illustrations by Priya Kuriyan, the story becomes all the more engaging. … To find out if Bala will be able to destroy the monster, go get a copy of the book now.”   – Polka Cafe

Koobandhee written by the witty Arundhati Venkatesh and illustrated by the super-talented Priya Kuriyan is the second book in the Bookasura series …

The book has some amazing fun moments and I burst out laughing a lot of times while reading it. It’s amazing how Arundhati comes up with such twists and turns in the story and takes a piece of our mythology to come up with something absolutely different but interesting. I loved the way the name Koobandhee has been derived.

The book gives a very realistic view of sibling relationships and the underlying love between siblings. There is no over the top emotion but you will fall in love with Bala and Meera and the way they interact. The story is fast-paced and I finished the book in one sitting, reading it through the night. Priya Kuriyan’s illustrations make the book so much more funny. “ Indian Moms Connect

Monsters and mythology Arundhati Venkatesh successfully brings alive another monster of our mythology, giving her personality a funny and farting twist.

Imagination wins yet again And like last time, imagination and the power of reading win the day for Bala once again.

Sibling revelry But Bala has another accomplice this time around, of a shiny-headed, gurgling variety.

Bookistaan recommends this one for the younger reader, ages 7 and above, yearning for an adventure with a perfect ending.” – Bookistan